108958 ASNUVA

EAN: 8592765089588

Podnaponski okidač, Ex9SN, montaža sa strane, 110-115V 50Hz/127V 50Hz


Parametar Vrednost
Attached at delivery NO
Number of fault-signal switches 0
Suitable for max. number of poles main contact unit (total) 1
Number of normally closed contacts 0
Device fitting Other
Number of normally open contacts 0
Number of change-over contacts 0
Suitable for max. current main contact unit 25
Additional equipment Under voltage coil
Assembly width (TE) 1
Rated switch current
Nominal rated voltage 110
Control voltage type AC
With autotest for earth leakage function NO


Vrsta dokumenta Ime dokumenta Veličina Format
Katalog Katalog Instalacijski-modularni Uređaji 0.0gb PDF WEB
Katalog Katalog Industrijska oprema 0.0gb PDF WEB