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One-module RCBOs Ex9NLE

Residual current circuit breakers with overload protection Ex9NLE are suitable mainly for households. These RCBOs have only 1 module, so they can save one modular space in enclosure comparison to classical RCBO. They are based on electronic evaluation principle - more accurate measuring of residual current. These devices also do not suffer with magnetization of the tripping unit. Thus, there is no mandatory testing period, but they must be tested regularly. On this testing period local law or regulations may apply. The recommendation is to test it every 6 months in fair environment and every month in heavy condition.

Monitoring relays Ex9JP

Monitoring relays Ex9JP are used to provide protection to circuits connected to the power grid These relays can provide protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, unbalanced phases, phase sequence and phase failure by analizing voltage on each phase. Temperature control by PTC thermistor in loaded device is optional. These monitoring relays are provided in various combination of protective functionalities with fi xed or adjustable values. Common application are power control systems, air conditioning systems and several motor applications.